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Top Flirting Signs

Depending on your and your partner's personality you might appeal to the time-tested flirting signs that should be learned in a few steps. Body language is considered a subtle but great way of communicating our message. In order to make these comprehensible it is important to target the right person with the proper signals.Professionals managed to come up with a detailed list of the top flirting signs that can be either transmitted or received by our date. Improve your communicative skills by learning more about the art of flirting.

Flirting is considered one of the most common and at the same time mysterious art of dating and relationship building. Indeed some might master it to perfection others would need some additional help. There's no need to panic when we are in need of some advice, professionals always managed to provide us with a list of top flirting signs that can be sent and also received from our date. The point in fact is to choose the ones that would have a definite and efficient impact on the personality of our date. In order to secure our success it is a must to find out more about the secrets of flirting. Non-verbal communication as this is indeed more difficult to learn as some of our acts can't be so simply controlled and we might give our intention away before we could think about it. Self-monitoring or simple spontaneity is some of the keys to guarantee the bright outcome of a date. Feel free to experiment with the following signs and gestures presented below, or pay attention to these if you happen to receive them in a subtle manner!

Top Flirting Signs

Body Posture
  • One of the oldest and most important means of flirting is our body. Body language as well as the simple posture can reveal numerous things about our personality. Be it an attitude or a simple reaction to a statement all can be deducted from the way we adopt various postures as staying straight or relaxed as well as tensed.

  • Often those who are eager to make an impression might stay more stiff in order to show the best sides of your body. Flaunting our best assets especially when it comes of legs, arms as well as shoulders all are often done with the help of a textbook style posture. Those who neglect this factor might not be interested in making an impression.

  • Look Away Then Back

  • Even the most courageous girls and guys might act in a similar way especially if their not only bodily but also emotionally attracted to someone. Keeping a direct and long-lasting eye contact might not be the best means to express our interest. It might happen in movies, but in reality it might seem a bit cheeky and embarrassing. Instead in most of the cases we might look away and then back in order to express our interest still make it in a subtle way. Therefore don't be disappointed if your partner doesn't stare at you instead catch the less but precious glimpses and proceed gradually.

  • Eyebrow Raising
  • It is one of the common and at the same time funniest signs of flirting. Guys and girls less prominently adopt a similar signal. This clearly expresses interest and a friendly attitude. Often it might seem funny still it expresses a clear intention of externalizing our affection. In the majority of cases girls might do this in order to make their glimpse more sophisticated and alluring, on the other hand in the case of boys it is a clear flirting sign of serious intentions.

  • Slight Touching

  • This act indeed requires some courage however these slight touches are too subtle to find them cheeky. In the case of both women and men this flirting sign refers to touching the shoulder, hands or arms. These can be pretty friendly and less obvious still are important. This is one of the clear flirting signs that is used by millions in every culture as the golden middle way to express a form of our affection.

  • This touching can also be targeted upon ourselves. Meaning, that those who feel uncomfortable due to making an impression might touch their face or hair as an act of relieving the pressure. Face picking and playing with hair is often a subconscious act of flirting.

  • Voice

  • Our voice is also a statement accessory as we can play with it in order to express our intention towards another person. However in most of the cases only women are receptive to a similar flirting signal due to their refined auditive skills. In this case ladies are prone to lower their voice when they want to make an impression and make their statements heard. The response is often similar as men also tend to copy the proper tone and adopt a similar manner of speaking in order to be on the same track with their partner. Those who would like to decipher the actual body language can start at observing a similar factor.

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